Origin of GagaMuller.

GagaMuller Group was established in 2018. In 2020 we not only were able to celebrate the second year in business but also the success of having formed a professional team of over 30 people working in the company as well as successfully managing live international projects in five different countries.


The reason for our success and fast growth is down to our firm belief that what we offer brings excellent value to our Clients, through our dedication and military precision in delivering projects in line with our core values.

Paddy Ryan and Thomas Gillen are not only the founders of the company but also childhood friends. In fact, the company name derives from their nicknames back in the days, "Gaga" and "Muller". 


Whilst gaining experience and crossing paths in the construction industry of large scale projects throughout their early careers, they also shared the aspiration to set up a business together as well as to create a solution to the disconnection between BIM and the traditional Project Management and Delivery of projects. As a result, GagaMuller was born.

Our values

GagaMuller wants to become the missing link, a bridge between the worlds of digital and traditional, allowing our clients to use cutting-edge technologies in their business to the fullest.


We love what we do, we believe in what we do, and we are driven by our vision to revolutionize construction industry.


We see every challenge as an opportunity for growth and innovation. We are quick to adapt - obstacles can always be overcome


We thrive on seeing our customers and partners succeed.


Focused on your results...

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