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Our growth in just 3 years defines the quality of our works.

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Who are we?

GagaMuller Group was established in 2018.

In 2021 we not only were able to celebrate the third year in business but also the success of having formed a professional team of over 40 top class people working in the company as well as successfully managing live international projects in 8 different countries.

The reason for our success and fast growth is down to our firm belief that what we offer brings excellent value to our Clients, through our passion, energy, dedication and military precision in delivering projects in line with our core values.


Where do we aspire to be in the construction industry?

Our vision is to be globally known as construction's most technologically advanced data-centric Lifecycle Cost & Project Management company;

To build a place where people can immediately find live progress in any area of their project.


What do we want to achieve?

To continually outperform in the industry by proactively seeking and implementing innovative approaches using data analytics and automation that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of project delivery.


What we stand for

GagaMuller Group - Values

Be disruptive, be bold,

be different

GagaMuller Group - Values

Work with a passion and a drive for better

GagaMuller Group - Values

Never stop learning, be willing to improve yourself and take advice from others

GagaMuller Group - Values

Quality is the only thing separating us from the rest, make sure to over-perform



Where it all started

Paddy Ryan and Thomas Gillen are not only the founders of the company but also childhood friends. In fact, the company name derives from their nicknames back in the days, "Gaga" and "Muller". 

GagaMuller Group - Story


Meet our people

Paddy Ryan

CEO and Co-Founder

Originally from Tipperary, Degree in Construction Management & Masters in BIM & Integrated Design, Paddy provides vision & strategy to the business. With a wealth of experience initially starting on site as a Civil Engineer, to leading Digital Strategy across Hyperscale Data centres in Europe.

Bianca Burgio

Marketing Executive

Originally from Italy with a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia (Honours), Bianca's day-to-day tasks involve the creation of content for our brand as well as the execution of Marketing strategies.

Jason Rymer

Senior Digital Strategy Project Manager

Originally from Australia with a bachelor's degree in civil/environmental engineering, Jason has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Specialising in BIM Implementation, digital tools, CDE systems and field based app processes, Jason has been focusing on innovation and process improvements to enhance Digital Project Delivery.

Killian McCahill

Quality Commissioning Engineer

Originally from Cavan, Killian is currently in his final year of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering. Killian's daily tasks involve maintaining spreadsheets, Sanity Checking Data and Issue Management.

Jonathan Ovidio

BIM Technician

Originally from Brazil with a degree in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Structural Engineering, Jonathan models and coordinates engineering services within the team.

Rahul Mudaliar

Assistant Software Development

Originally from India, Rahul has a degree in Information Technology and a Msc in Data Analytics. Rahul is a Software Developer. He assists in the everyday tasks that involve Quality Assurance (QA ) and Web Development.

Taimur Wali

Software Designer

Originally from Pakistan with a Bachelors in Computer Science, IBM design thinking practitioner, Taimur's main role is to improve PlanLoader product user experience and help the frontend development team with my development skillset.

Priya Vijayaragavan

Quality Engineer

Moganapriya Vijayaragavan is originally from India. Priya has a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and is our QA (Automation Tester). She works alongside the Development Team and is responsible for Quality Assurance.

Thomas Gillen

CEO and Co-Founder

Originally from Westmeath, Degree in Civil Engineering & a Masters in BIM & Integrated Design, Thomas manages business operations with a wealth of experience working as a Quantity Surveyor and growing into managing multiple mixed use Commercial & Residential Projects across London with Multiplex.

Cathal Burke

Senior Project Manager

Originally from Galway with a Bachelors in Civil Engineering (Honours), Cathal manages the Design Teams for Coordination and Implementation of correct information management.

Siobhan Kearney

BIM Coordinator

Originally from Ireland with a BE in Mechanical Engineering, Siobhan is a BIM Coordinator within the GagaMuller Group's team

Eoin O'Donoghue

Business Analytics Associate

Originally from County Mayo, Eoin has a Bachelor in Commerce and a MSc in Business Analytics. As a Business Analyst in the company, Eoin works on creating graphs in order to showcase the information gathered from various projects. 

Joao Rocha

BIM Technician

Originally from Portugal, Joao has MSc in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Building Information Modelling and Management. Joao's role involves the Coordination and Modelling of BIM Projects.

Bilal Bashir

Software Engineer

Originally from Pakistan with a Bachelors in Computer Science , Bilal is a Software Engineer who assists in the front-end development of our applications.

Omar Kafeel

Head of Product Development

Originally from Pakistan, Omar has a degree in Information Technology and for the past decade he has been leading product growth providing software solutions to public and private sectors in the FinTech, FMCG, Data/Indices and Telecom industries across MEA, EU, Asia and America.

Zain Kayani

Lead Developer

Originally from Pakistan with a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Master in Digital Investigation & Forensic Computing​, Zain is our Lead Developer. He mentors and provides technical guidance to the development team and actively develops the front-end and back-end of our in-house applications.

Timmy Falvey

Operations Manager

Originally from Cork, with a degree in architectural technology, Timmy has grown with the business from the beginning and now runs our day to day operations plugging in and maintaining quality and standards across all our sites.

Kyle Brennan

Senior Project Manager

Originally from County Down, BSc (Hons) Construction Engineering and Management and MSc Building Information Modelling Project Management. Kyle leverages his Digital and Project Management skills to ensure an efficient process in the delivery of Data Centre Projects across Europe and UK.

Luke O'Keeffe

Project Manager

Originally from Kilkenny, Luke owns a BSc (Hons) in Architectural and Building Information Modelling (BIM) Technology. Luke is a Digital Project Manager.

Alan McLoughlin

Finance Manager

Originally from County Leitrim with a BA (hons) in Accounting and Finance, Alan manages the finances and assists with the operations of GagaMuller Group

Andy Ricci

Senior Surveying Manager

From Dublin, with a Postgrad in Geospatial Engineering and current member of SCSI and CICES. Starting out as surveyor and building a wealth of knowledge through his role as a reality capture specialist utilizing both high end survey hardware and software. Andy is passionate about exploring how technology can improve the way in which we understand and interact with the design and build of a project using Geospatial technology.

Ihtisham Javed

Backend Developer

Originally from Pakistan, Ihtisham has a degree in Software Engineering. Ihtisham assists in the backend development of our applications.

Hina Aziz

Staff Engineer

Originally from Pakistan with a Bachelors in Computer Software Engineering, Hina is our Staff Engineering, managing the Full Stack Development team.

Isha Shinde

Marketing Manager

Originally from India, Isha owns a degree in Tech Computer Science Engineering and a Master in Information Systems. Isha's daily tasks consist of building and managing Marketing Strategies, both paid and organic.

Fabio Perissinotto

Senior BIM Manager

Originally from Brazil with a degree in Civil Engineering, Fabio manages the Modelling Department and team for GagaMuller Group's projects

Oguzhan Ak

BIM Technician

Originally from Turkey, Oghuzhan has a degree in Architecture. He has recently joined our team as BIM Technician and currently working on modelling in Revit. He has experience in sandwich panel, architectural design office and hospital building site.

Louis De Courcy

Product Lead

Originally from County Clare, Louis has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and a Master in Business Administration. Louis is responsible for maximizing the value of the software applications created by the Development team. 

Amar Pethkar

Software Developer

Originally from India with a MSc. in Data Analytics, Amar's role concentrates on Product Development, assisting in the everyday developing process.

Basit Raza

Software Engineer

Originally from Pakistan, Basit has a Bachelors in Computer Science. Basit is our Backend Software Engineer, he helps with the design, building and maintenance of our applications.

Sana Takveen

Senior Software Engineer

Originally from Pakistan, Sana has a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Master in Information Technology. Santa supports the entire application lifecycle by producing fully functional coding.

Paddy Ryan - CEO & Co-founder

"Our ability to continuously improve and grow coupled with our access to automation and predictive analytics within our in house software team is why we are so unique, no one can come close to achieving our output in terms of speed and quality."

Paddy Ryan

CEO and Co-Founder

Thomas Gillen - CEO & Co-founder

"We stand to challenge the status quo when it comes to utilizing technology in construction. However we do not lose track of what we are here to do: to build."

Thomas Gillen

CEO and Co-Founder

Best Global Use of Innovation
Rising Star of the Year

Autodesk University Key Note


Our CEO Paddy Speaking on main stage in Las Vegas at a globally known Autodesk University with over 10,000+ attendees demonstrating bleeding edge technology and workflows that GagaMuller champion.

Autodesk University Global Project of the Year


Our CEO Paddy involved and winning the Autodesk University Global BIM project of the year becoming the first project in Ireland to ever win the award, for their best in the world Digital Technology implementation and delivery.

Autodesk OTX Berlin


Our CEO Paddy was Introduced by the Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost in Berlin on main stage to an audience of over 2,000 representing GagaMuller delivering key note experience in global industry level workflows.

CITA BIM Gathering


Our CEO Paddy speaking for the second time at a CITA conference on Main Stage in Galway this time giving a good narrated journey of the new role Digital Project Managers play in the construction industry.

Autodesk University Podcast


Our CEO Paddy invited to speak on Californian podcast about the digital revolution and changes occurring in the construction industry.



Our CEO Paddy giving a refreshingly honest key note in Melbourne Australia about the power of Data Analytics with real life examples of the benefits and savings.

BIM Show Live


Our CEO Thomas speaking about the importance of Digital technology in Construction at the BIM Show Live in Newcastle.

BIM MEPAUS Interview


Our CEO Paddy interviewed by media in Melbourne Australia following the BIMMEPAus event discussing the new normal that GagaMuller Group is here to tackle.

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