Unleash Your Full Potential: A GagaMuller Group Journey

Shereen Kavanagh’s journey at GagaMuller Group to date has been one of opportunity and development. Let’s explore Shereen’s story, where her ambition coupled with the supportive learning environment at GagaMuller Group, has led to accelerated personal growth.

GagaMuller Group as a Catalyst

Hailing from Courtown, County Wexford, Shereen’s passion for the construction industry led her to pursue a degree in Architectural & Building Information Modelling Technology in South Eastern Technological University, graduating in 2022.

Shereen’s first introduction to GagaMuller Group was during the Construction Collaboration Technology (CCT) module, a module that brings together students from various disciplines to work together and one which GagaMuller Group have been partners with since its inception. Shereen was part of the winning team and met with CEO, Thomas Gillen and Operations Director, Timmy Falvey.

This encounter marked the beginning of Shereen’s journey with GagaMuller Group and one that came full circle when 12 months later Shereen was at South Eastern Technological University, presenting awards to the winning team in the Construction Collaboration Technology (CCT) module.

shereen-pictured-in-2023-revisiting-SETU’s-construction- collaboration-technology-module-alongside-gagamuller-group-ceo-thomas-gillen

Shereen pictured in 2023 revisiting SETU’s Construction Collaboration Technology (CCT) module alongside GagaMuller Group CEO, Thomas Gillen

Guided Growth and Learning

GagaMuller Group’s commitment to fostering growth was evident in Shereen’s onboarding experience. Colleagues and a dedicated line manager welcomed her, shared insights with her and guided her through any challenge she would encounter in her first few weeks and months.

Shereen’s role as a Project Manager exemplifies GagaMuller Group’s trust in young talent. Handling diverse projects, which include project management on data centres for tech giants. Traditionally in our industry meaningful decision making is reserved for Project Managers with a few years’ experience, however, Shereen has found she has been given the autonomy to back her judgement and make impactful decisions on projects.

The platform GagaMuller Group has provided, coupled with her passion for the role led to Shereen receiving an invitation from her former university to be a guest speaker at SETU’s Women in Technology event tailored for prospective college applicants. This opportunity allowed her to offer valuable insights to young women regarding her experiences as a professional in the construction industry, an achievement she is immensely proud of.

Shereen pictured with CEO, Thomas Gillen and the Construction Collaboration Technology (CCT) module winning team

Shereen pictured with CEO, Thomas Gillen and the Construction Collaboration Technology (CCT) module winning team


Shereen’s trajectory at GagaMuller Group stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and driving personal development. Her story emphasises the effects of embracing opportunities and mentorship. As she continues to progress within the business, her story serves as a blueprint for individuals in the early stages of their careers, highlighting the myriad reasons to consider joining GagaMuller Group.

GagaMuller Group offers an exceptional platform for those embarking on their professional journey. For individuals in the early phases of their careers, our organisation serves as a launching pad for growth through structured mentorship, immersive experiences and a culture that fosters innovation. Our emphasis on cultivating emerging talent is a foundational pillar of our ethos, ensuring that when a new recruit joins, their development takes centre stage.

By becoming a part of the GagaMuller Group team, you’ll gain unparalleled learning opportunities and hands-on involvement in a wide array of projects, all while being guided by experienced professionals. Get in touch today to learn more about the opportunities at GagaMuller Group and immerse yourself in an environment that is driving change in this industry.

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