Office Manager

About the role

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Office Manager to join our team. The initial role first and foremost is to take control of administrative tasks around the office in HQ, Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin. The individual will take over responsibilities still being performed for the most part by the Chief Executives of the business. The individual will work very closely with the Chief Executives managing their movements and channels across the business. This access will open avenues to a progressive and realistic career path not typically available in larger corporate businesses, where the individual will have the foresight and vision within the business plan to adapt their responsibilities and focus their career path in future as the business scales. Because you will work closely with the company Board, our core requirement for the role are:

  • Versatile
  • Focused and friendly personality
  • Good Communicator
  • High quality of work ethic
  • Technically very strong
  • Ability to manage heavy workload

Below is a detailed breakdown of some of the Roles & Responsibilities required for the position within the business:

Office Admin

  • Manage Reception calls & emails
  • Manage all office deliveries
  • Manage all office & inventory purchase orders
  • Communications to All Staff
  • Organising internal staff meetings
  • Onboarding/offboarding staff
  • Managing office services contracts (cleaning/shopping/security etc)
  • Manage staff events
  • Manage all office utilities and subscriptions

Chief Executives Personal Assistance

  • Manage Diaries of Chief Executives
  • Manage Chief Executive travel itinerary
  • Manage calls & emails of Chief Executives
  • Record and minutes of meetings for Chief Executives
  • Preparation of Chief Executives concepts for brochures & reports with marketing team
  • Assist Chief Executives Identifying requirements for new business locations (visas, company structure, legal requirements)


  • Daily management of tasks in CRM for Chief Executives
  • Management of contacts and leads for Chief Executives
  • Cold calling & introduction mailing potential clients for Chief Executives
  • Arranging meetings for Chief Executives
  • Encouraging use of CRM Daily to wider team
  • CRM Training and maintenance


  • Manage organisation hiring tracker
  • Align closely with Chief Executives budget plans for recruiting staff
  • Manage staff onboarding process and itinerary requirements


  • Manage template contracts and renewals
  • Manage company Healthcare & pension plans
  • Manage and maintain company policies
  • Implement company culture and facilitate employee engagement and relations


  • Manage all company purchase orders
  • Procure all company office supplies
  • Procure all company software subscriptions
  • Procure and manage all company leases, equipment purchase hire and rent
  • Manage company third party financial management services
  • Oversee company invoice payments and chase outstanding payments


  • Liaise with Marketing Communications team to build and develop digital content internal newsletters
  • Create training, resources, and governance to enable engagement programs across the business
  • Managing, developing & analysing GagaMuller’s website
  • Maintaining a network of media contacts and building ongoing relationships with key influencers in the industry
  • Assisting with the design and creation of monthly & yearly communications report
  • Manage template contracts and renewals
  • Manage company healthcare & pension plans
  • Manage and maintain company policies
  • Implement company culture and facilitate employee engagement and relations

IT Support

  • Management & allocation of all Subscriptions across the business
  • Management and maintenance of internal company intranet portal
  • Management and allocation of all company Inventory and equipment
  • Admin Office 365 with onboarding new staff emails and account set up
  • Develop, maintain & Review company folder structures and organisations layout for documentation and communication.


  • Identify and apply for funding and grants available for start-ups in Enterprise Ireland and others
  • Maintain funding tracker and update board on progress
  • Manage claims and timesheets for Disruptive Innovation Technology Fund which GagaMuller Group have secured


Employment Type:

Full time