BIM Manager

About the Role

Due to continued growth, we are looking to hire a BIM-focused Project Manager, with between 5-10 years’ experience to join our growing team. The successful candidate will represent our team on multiple Data Centre Projects across Europe monitoring the contractor’s performance and identifying early warnings and risks from the design process prior to getting to site. This position will suit a candidate who is looking for variety, who is keen to be part of the digital transformation of the construction industry and who is looking for an opportunity to further their career with a growing organisation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop a BIM strategy aligned with the overall project goals, outlining BIM implementation plan, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Create a comprehensive BIM Execution Plan detailing information exchange requirements, software standards, and collaboration procedures.
  • Organise a meeting with the project team to introduce and align stakeholders with the BIM strategy and BEP.
  • Determine the scope of BIM usage in terms of levels of detail, deliverables, and collaboration methods for all tenders and supply chain requirements. Ensure that the Model Production & Delivery Table (MPDT) is set up aligning to CPD scopes.
  • Organise training sessions for project team members on BIM tools, processes, and collaboration platforms.
  • Establish project-specific BIM standards for modeling, naming conventions, and information exchange.
  • Develop specification for conceptual BIM models to visualise and communicate design concepts to the client and project team including phasing and model guidelines
  • Set up infrastructure and systems to collaborate and manage the federated BIM Model with both the design and construction teams.
  • Develop detailed BIM Program – Last planner from build date back to freeze date, back to drawing approval time, back to tech sub approval.
  • Configure automated clash tests & sets that will be used to track and monitor risk to the projects by monitoring design and contractor performance.
  • Collaborative environment to o Facilitate coordination meetings to ensure design disciplines’ models are synchronized and clash-free. Maintain a Health Matrix on specific tasks across projects in line with Design Model Coordination.
  • Manage the development of detailed BIM models that reflect the developed design, including accurate geometry, components, and data.
  • Generate and moderate Supply Chain Assessment Forms for review in the tender process
  • Configure automated clash tests & sets that will be used to track and monitor risk to the projects by monitoring design and contractor performance.
  • Chair weekly BIM Meetings closing out Hot topics and identifying to Design Consultants the importance of the BIM Coordination Schedule.
  • Provide a measurable matrix at Pre-Construction Stage to identify the model and design health to the Design Team ensuring the design is acceptable prior to IFC Release.
  • Review access and maintenance as well as move in/out strategies for equipment to ensure building is viable design prior to construction.
  • Set up and Chair weekly meeting with commercial team on change from BIM Coordination.
  • Configure automated clash tests & sets that will be used to track and monitor risk to the projects by monitoring design and contractor performance.
  • Run contractors schedule through 4D analysis to ensure all opportunities and risks on schedule are considered. Linking 3D models to construction schedules to enabling visualising and optimising project schedules, resources, and logistics for efficient project management.
  • Develop as-built BIM models based on actual construction conditions for future facilities management.


  • Degree-level qualification in BIM, Architectural Technology, Construction Management or related discipline.
  • At least 5 years experience in the management of large-scale construction projects and multi-disciplinary construction teams.
  • Familiarity with managing large-scale projects projects.
  • Familiarity with projects with significant CSA & MEP scopes.
  • Proven ability to understand and contribute to the development of project implementation and associated commercial strategies for large-scale projects.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Project Management

Employment Type:

Full time