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"Perfect mix of BIM, Data Analytics and Project Management expertise. GagaMuller Group went beyond their scope requirements in order to help us out, no fluff. 

You know where you stand with real passion for their job".

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Schedule Management

Plug into your project or portfolio from feasibility in order to use data analytic and forensic reporting to reduce risk to your project schedule & cash flow.

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Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Working with the client or investor from early concept stage through to handover identifying huge lifecycle cost savings.

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Pre-Construction Management

Plug into the Pre-Construction phase of your project or portfolio with a database of products and solutions from a large network of modular providers to manage your DFMA strategy and delivery.

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Digital Technology & BIM Implementation

Gold Partnerships with some of the biggest technology companies in the industry as well as our own in house technology team makes us the obvious choice to conceptualising your PMO and digital plan of works strategy for your organisation.

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Construction Management

Maintaining presence during construction allows for successful implementation, training and management of the contractors and supply chain.

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Commissioning and Handover

Setting out the asset register and handover requirements from an early phase allows a detailed commissioning & handover plan to be developed with template checklist and document requirements.

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Geo-Spatial Surveying

New norm GagaMuller Geo sees the role of Digital Surveyors requirement to spot check install and as-builts for the clients as we move towards a flat pack modular workforce. Policing install with this technology reduces claims, RFIs and significantly reduces risk to the cash flow.

Smart Facilities Management

Working with the client to develop an asset information requirements prepare your project for a lightweight digital twin solution which can link to your BMS, smart sensor network and maintenance system.

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