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Senior Software Engineer

Dublin - Full time

About the role

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We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with extensive WebGL/Three.js exposure to join our development team.


Additionally, preference will be given to candidates who have User Interface design knowledge and experience along with a strong Object-Oriented design and programming skills and full-stack experience.


We are a team of dynamic individuals coming from different disciplines working on bespoke technology solutions and products.

Your responsibilities

Take pride in what you do with us

Ability to develop end-to-end software solutions software products developed by GagaMuller 

UI Framework such as three.js,scene.js 

html5 and css

Prior experience of working on end-to-end software application development using modern Web and API development frameworks 

Ability to work with the current teams to develop and maintain the solutions as per the requirements given to you 


Responsive web development

Ability to work in an agile team and to undertake new challenges


See if your skills are the right fit for this position

At least 3 years of experience developing applications using the .NET Core Framework 

Prior experience of working on .NET Framework 5 or newer 

At least 3-4 years of experience working with code first database technologies e.g. 

.NET Entity Framework Core 

At least 4 years of experience developing frontend applications using modern MVC patterns e.g. 

Angular 8+ (preferred), ReactJS, VueJS  or similar

A prior experience working with at least one of the following cloud toolchains: MS Azure, App Service Deployments, App Service Management, Azure Kubernetes and Docker Tools etc...

A prior experience of working on modular software development 

An adequate understanding of Package Managers like Node Package Manager, Maven, Gradle etc...

An experience of working with at least one of the following RDBMS: MS SQL Server (preferred), MySQL, PostgreSQL 

A prior experience of working on micro services architecture for software application development and deployment

A good handle of Command Line Tools 

A prior experience working with and creating webhooks for open API implementation 

Become a member of our team

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