What does GagaMuller actually do?

This is one of the most common questions we get every day. For this reason, we’ve created these short videos short videos that will help you understand who we are and what we do!

Over the past 2 years in business we have been busy "doing" relying on word of mouth to expand our business (Do you know since we started we have not lost a customer, for good reason!). Following our continuous high-quality delivery, the majority of our customer have been convincing us to be more vocal with the common feedback being "why don't you tell people you can do this" - (PS: Thanks to those of you who have helped us realise this, you know who you are!).

Our business strategy was always to give our customers the option to put us in under the radar, where a lot of the time our staff are seconded with our customer's email addresses - this is for a reason, customers are more willing to work with us when we are not shouting from the rooftops as it sometimes may showcase that they didn't know how to do something they should have known.

It can be hard as an SME to market without someone being offended these days, so in a world where you have to be confidential and in a business where we have huge respect for our customers we will do so by meeting in the middle and divulging on some of the amazing projects we are apart of all the while keeping it vague.

Our Projects

Customised Application for a large property developer

Early Engagement Pre Construction Management on Hyper-scale Data Centre in Europe