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Publishing date: 12 November 2021

Canberra Data Centres plans new 150MW Melbourne facility

Canberra Data Centres (CDC) is to build a data centre in Melbourne, Victoria.

The Australian data centre firm plans to build a 150MW facility in the city. Facility size, location, or construction timelines weren’t shared.

CDC said its combined operating and development capacity exceeds 700MW. The company plans to have 13 data centres in operation by 2023.

Custodian Data Centres to build 10MW data centre in Dartford, UK

UK firm Custodian Data Centres has announced plans to build a new 10MW data centre in Dartford, Kent.

The new facility, known as DA2, will be located outside southeast London and is due to open in Q2 2022. Once all three phases of the build are completed, the 2,500 sqm (26,900 sq ft) facility will be designed to host up to 800 racks.

Google buys more than 50 hectares of land in Wallonia, Belgium

L’Echo and La Nouvelle Gazette are both reporting that the search giant has acquired more than 50 hectares in the Wallonia region of Belgium for data centre and office development.

Belgium’s Saint Ghislain was Google’s first data centre in Europe.

The company has built five data centres at its 90-hectare Saint-Ghislain site since 2009, with the fifth due to be be completed in 2022. The company has also built a solar plant on the campus.

DataBank announces new Virginia data centre

The company announced this week it is breaking ground on a 200,000 sq ft (18,600 sqm) facility, known as IAD3.

The new data center will be built on the DataBank-owned land adjacent to its current Ashburn site in Loudoun County. The facility will be ready for service in Q1 2023.

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