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Publishing Date: 12/02/2021

Two new Data Centres planned for Meath

Plans have been revealed for two new data centres in the same business park as a new Amazon facility in County Meath, Ireland.

The Drogheda Independent is reporting that plans for two more data centres for the IDA Park were revealed this week.

These will be based close to the Amazon Data Centre which is due to be in operational in 2023.

AWS is behind a bid to build two Data Centres at the site of UK's “Didcot A” Power Station

Amazon Web Services has proposed building two large data centres on the site of the former Didcot A Power Station, in Oxfordshire, UK.

A combined coal and oil power plant, “Didcot A” opened in 1970 but was demolished between 2014 and 2020. At peak, it was capable of generating 1,440MW.

At the time, planning documents show a proposal to build two data centres of up to 25m in height, with a total floor space of up to 54,760 sq m (590,000 sq ft).

Digital Realty to build 430,000 square foot Santa Clara Data Centre

Digital Realty is to expand its Santa Clara, California, data centre campus with a new four-story, 430,000 square foot (40,000 sqm) facility.

The company claims the 48MW site will be sustainable and will reduce its potable water usage by using up to 10 million US gallons of reclaimed water.

As part of the development, a planned new ‘dark fibre’ ring will extend metropolitan connectivity, in particular, to Digital Realty’s carrier-neutral hub at 200 Paul Avenue in the centre of San Francisco, California.

The company claims that the facility will be built using sustainable materials, including recycled concrete and steel, and will be power directly by renewable energy, including via a new rooftop solar array.

UK colocation firm “Teledata” expands Manchester Data Centre

The colocation provider announces 4th data hall and 20 per cent staff increase as part of £2 million expansion.

The expansion will see an additional 75 server racks become available, will cover 2,400 sq ft (223 sqm) of space and provide an additional 300kW of customer power. The new hall is scheduled to open in the spring of 2021.

The news is the second phase of a £2m expansion project Teledata announced last year. Stage one saw the facility open doors to its third data hall in December 2020. The new expansion sees the company looking to increase its workforce by 20 per cent.

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