Less Snags
Less risk of delays and rework on site with high risk actions being moved off site, better logistic planning and better site coordination using last planner approach. All quality control is digitalised using trade to trade area handovers with processes in place for transperant and speedy close out.
Reduction RFI's
Substantial reduction in RFI's as well as better control on backlog and resource issues with a well structured client requirement documentation, detailed scopes for project stakeholders and a detailed project document sharing environment all with easy to follow processes and procedures results in smoother workflows.
Reduction in Variation
Vast reduction in Variations, design changes and site instructions typically seen on projects with mitigation measures enforced as early as Stage 3 design design phase. Setting ground rules through detailed IMP, controlled BIM Model outputs, better logistic planning and better site coordination using a Digital approach.
Clients trust us, we deliver. Find out why we have scaled across 6 countries with 40+ staff in 2 years by getting in touch to see what we can do for you
Why choose GagaMuller?

If you can see it, you can fix it

With real data and ROI statistics we provide far more visibility, transparency and control to projects. We utilize advanced data analytics and automation techniques, but have not forgotten what we are here to do, build. We have extensive delivery experience driven by passion which is deep in our company culture. 

The lads have been a breath of fresh air, nothing I have ever seen before. I have never had so much visibility of potential risk to my project, as well as actual live progress on site.

Peter Sockett, Construction Director

Our experience beyond time

Expert in Planning and Logistics where we have mastered data analytics and automation to immediately flag early and late warnings so we can capture problems before they impact our schedule and budget. Live progress reports on planned versus actual allows more informed decision making.

Some consultants just run clashes and issue reports. The consideration of the critical path, long lead items and key milestones on model zones and direct linking to technical submittals and shop drawings is extremely powerful.

Sandy Good, Construction Director

Only focusing on what's important

Huge ROI when we get involved with our clients early into the project by applying best practice scope definition, data management, lessons learned, value engineering and buildability review of Design resulting in mitigation of risk to you project during construction.

Perfect mix of BIM, Data Analytics and Project Management expertise. Went beyond their scope requirements in order to help us out, no fluff, you know where you stand with real passion for their job.

Philip Ryan, Director

If you can't change it, control it

Our Schedule focused Design and BIM process means your project has a location based live heat map of daily issues, clashes, outstanding RFI, technical Submittals and drawings for approval. Always know where issues are, all in one place, whether you are a Site Manager or a Company Director. 

The team have this unrivalled ability to make the work of 3 people for the price of one. GagaMuller automation can make our computers work full time but not lose sight of how to actually solve and build for us.

Philip Ryan, Director

Thinking outside the box

Using our skills in BIM and coupled with our expertise in the field. We ensure all previous Lesson Learned, Value Engineering and DFMA solutions are considered and implemented in timely manner in order to reduce Risk to the project and reduce the opportunity of delay and budget overuns. 

“Offering some very good lessons learned, workflows and processes which we have rolled out globally. Won us a global recognised award for the Irish Data Centre for innovation and technology advancements. A driven, passionate & capable bunch”

Marc Leddy Commercial Lead

To be sure to be sure

All the planning in the world can be sabotaged by poor install. Avoid this with on-site support for project delivery. Reduced risk of poor installation by validating and checking regularly with laser scan surveys. Output of which is non-disputable dispute resolution reporting, vastly reducing rework and costly changes from site instructions as well as significantly improving your As built accuracy and quality. 

Reassuring to have a weekly valuation report on costs associated with good catches from the team. GagaMuller more than justify their costs with real savings metrics including labour, equipment, material and schedule delays

Marc Leddy Commercial Lead

Integrating and Interfacing

Interfacing with the site team through collaborative DABs and last planner meetings to ensure all activities that are planned for the week are achieved. Output for the client is an up to date PPC of works and code of variances. This data can be utilised for the contractor performance all the way up to managing a cost loaded program for invoice payments.

Absolute breath of fresh air bundling with enthusiasm and passion. Nothing seems impossible to the team here. Really pushing boundaries and seeing their workflows and processes being replicated globally as standard. Always go above and beyond for us. A real One-team approach.

Wayne Field, Construction Manager

Untangling the commissioning web

From walkdown procedures to Snag closeout priority, the key to a successful commissioning project is structured management and detailed scheduled deliverables. Utilising early warning indicators and automated document trackers we can ensure to take the complexity out of commissioning offering a solution which is commended globally.

The sheer volume of work GagaMuller were able to churn through and give us a front end dashboard we could use to plan and execute our job. Really could not have achieved what we have without them. Excellent ability to untangle the web that is Commissioning.

Francois Schreuder, Commissioning Lead 

Begin with end in mind

Its never early enough to structure your handover requirements. The secret is you dont need an expensive software solution, you just need to plan your data structures into your scopes and contracts. Managing handover information and requirements for you in order to future proof your asset to avail of smart homes, IoT and other technologies than can save you investment over 6x in Opex.

The lads have a real passion for their work, and their quality is second to none. GagaMuller always have a way of making the difficult seem easy and have no issue in sharing how to and trade secrets so to speak. 

Anthony Condon, Digital Construction Manager

Thinking smart for life

Born on the values of being disruptive, the perfect fit for your asset management with a team of innovative hardware and software developers we can build you a smart building where huge lifecycle ROI can be achieved using digitalised CAFM system. Track your heating, occupancy, rent expiration and much more using new age technology.

Not many have ventured into smart homes in the construction industry to date. But the team at GagaMuller who are building their own things network and hardware solution for COVID seem to have a real grasp for the art of the possible. 

Bryan McGarrigle, Community Lead  Huckletree

We return minimum 10x when you invest in us
Savings with DFMA for Data Centre
Leading the Design team and project pre-con team identifying value by developing a playbook of modular solutions with time, cost & buildability considerations.
Savings with Value Engineering for Resi
Building the details, specification and information into the Model during design stage helped identify leanest design, address buildability concerns and identify value creation in the specification details. 
Weekly average savings using laser scanning on Mega Scale Project.
Where BIM is a waste of time without good installation, continuous install validation provides beyond doubt dispute resolution on site with large saving on rework and site instruction costs.
130,000 Hours
Savings using Lean Planning on Data Centre
Using lean principles, "what good looks like", smart logistics and early good catches countless Hours were saved on information search and waste using digital approach on site.
Savings identified through lesson learned on Resi
Saved by applying lesson learned from previous projects and setting up "right first time" project scopes and output requirements for both design team and contractors. 
Saved with schedule focused Design & BIM Management on Data Centre
Recorded waste on Mega-Project manloader per annum previously not being utilised. Disjointed process where BIM had no connection to the project which as now been rectified and saved.
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