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Your schedule protected and claims reduced with geo-spatial surveying data

Surveying traditionally would be seen as a separate service more accustom to the contractor. however in this new norm GagaMuller Geo see the role of Digital surveyors requirement to 

spot check install and As builts for the clients as we move towards a flat pack modular workforce.

Policing install with this technology reduces claims, RFIs & significantly reduces risk to the project cashflow and changes the risk profile for insurance providers.

Andy Ricci


Andy is our specialist in Surveying and provides a full range of services providing cover across your projects and organisation. At GagaMuller we go one step further by incorporating the data into tangible value for our clients. GagaMuller Geo provide not only the surveying but the full forensic reports including claims costs and savings making our service unique. 

Land Registration and Legal Mapping

Working with solicitors and property owners to provide relevant information for successful land or property purchase.


Existing services and boundary surveys

Existing services & boundary surveys

Declaration of identity and compliance mapping

Topography and Cut/Fill Estimates and Analysis

Ability to quickly identify risk on schedule and cashflow from accurate topographic surveying and cut/fill estimates. 


Cut and fill analysis using Lidar model and drawings

Quantification volumes and costs of material removal

Laser Scanning for Install Validation

Global award winning scanning process & workflows ensuring costly pre-install checks are verified avoiding delays.


Construction inspection and sign off with scans

Pre-checks on install prior to module install

As-Built Survey and Modelling

Scan to BIM for refurbishment projects to ensure design and as built match to avoid costly delays. 


Architectural refurb and restoration model

On site model and drawing validation

Site Control and Setting Out

First in to site to set up control and datums for your project base and survey points.


Benchmark and datum configuration

Maintaining and policing control on site

UAV Drone Surveying for Progress

Best in industry use of drone technology to provide real time progress tracking, quantification and laser scan surveys.


Early topo survey and logistics planning

Drone deploy daily flights and updates

Laser Scanning for Claims and Disputes

Global award winning scanning process & workflows with full forensics on claims, disputes and as-built verification.


Full forensics on site claims with scan data

Overlay of scan with model and drawings

Laser Scanning for Marketing

Lesser in accuracy but better in quality. Showcase your finished buildings with a simple 3 walkthrough with matterport.


Matterport survey for showhouse marketing

2D plans and layouts for sales

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BIM Field Management

QA Design and Install Approval

Change Management & Project Control

"Not many have ventured into smart homes in the construction industry to date. But the team at GagaMuller Group, who are building their own things network and hardware solution for COVID, seem to have a real grasp for the art of the possible."

Brian McGarrigle