The Digital Project Management of a project should enable a smooth Hand Over with live data contained in the CDE (Common Data Environment) being transferred to the Client for Facilities Managament. Unlike projects of old, this Digitial Hand Over Data will not sit in a dusty file box, it will form part of the facilities managment model offering live updates on maintenance requirements of building infrastructue.
What is it?
At the end of the Construction’stage, when all of the works described in the contract have been completed, the project will be certified for ‘Practical Completion’. This signifies the start of the Defects Liability Period and marks the beginning of the ‘Handover’ stage. At this point, the Client becomes responsible for the project and the Main Contractor provides the Client with the following ‘handover information’ as a minimum:
  • Building Owner’s Manual (also known as the ‘Operation & Maintenance Manual’)
  • Health & Safety File
How do we digitalise it?
The label 'Handover' doesn't do justice to the importance of this project stage. Enormous amounts of information from a vast number of individual organisations (i.e. Consultants, Subcontractors etc.) must be collated in order to fulfil the ‘handover information’ requirements. The information provided to the Client should represent what has been constructed. This will comprise a mixture of ‘As Built’ information from Subcontractors and the ‘Final Construction Issue’ information from the Design Team (i.e. Consultants). All documentation must be provided, reviewed and approved prior to being authorised for use. Where a document is deemed unfit for use, it will be rejected and an instruction to revise the document will be issued.

Nowadays, all information for a building already exists electronically. The challenge is to collate all of the information in a structured manner, organise the approval workflows and ensure that an efficient system is in place to assist with transferring this knowledge to the Facilities Management team.

GagaMuller specialise in creating workflows that enable efficient data collection during Construction phase. This data can be tagged and linked to the relevant asset for further use throughout the project lifecycle. The use of QR Codes allows for Rooms, Plant & Equipment and deliveries to be tagged and tracked. All data relating to the project can be made available by scanning the QR Code: Checklists, Warranty information, Drawings, and Technical Submittals.


  • The Client is provided with a full and detailed information set for the building
  • Incoming Facilities Management teams can be brought up to speed in an efficient manner
  • Facilites Management teams are equipped to with information that can be edited/updated where necessary
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