Data Analytics

Empowering Construction Intelligence

Innovative transformation of your unstructured project information and data intro real time KPI metrics and dashboard insights to empower a Sustainable Business.

Our Services

Empowering a sustainable construction industry through intelligent use of data

GagaMuller Group provides a wide range of customised services supporting the all round growth of our customers business as per their requirements.





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Automating Repetitive Tasks to improve your efficency

Release your employees from mundane repetitive tasks allowing them to grow their skillset and in turn your organisations performance. GagaMuller Group Business Analysists are best placed to optimise your business's workflows into automated processes.

Strategic Thinking

  • Streamline information sharing empower your remote workforce

  • Leveraging existing business tools in Office 365 environment

  • Centralised control of organisational security and permissions


  • Empower teamwork with instant access to information anytime, anywhere

  • Cloud-based document management

  • Create knowledge sharing and onboarding portals

  • Share content securely with external users

API Integrations

  • Integrate existing software solutions within SharePoint

  • Take control of your business process with customised automation

  • Seamless integration with MS Teams 

  • Customised solutions to meet unique business needs

Automation and Workflows

  • Develop custom workflows to meet your needs

  • Automate repetitive tasks with Power Automate
    and provide bespoke on boarding solutions

  • Manage workflows and approval process

Case Studies

Drive data exploration with visual analytics.

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Data Centre - Model Management

Automated model clash detection process exporting live clash data to Power Bi. Linked model zones with live clash results to latest construction schedule from Primavera P6 to informa client of risk to schedule with un coordinated design.



Seamless integration with 100+ apps and softwares

We don’t want to change the way you work but rather make it more streamline by seamlessly integrating with your deck of applications. 

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