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We combine GagaMuller's broad industry knowledge with cutting-edge technologies in the Digital and Software realms. We support the convergence of the physical and digital worlds accelerating the journey towards a digital industry.

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  • Unlock value through intelligent automation

  • Simplify finances to do more

  • Retain and engage employees 

  • Optimise supply chain and vendor performance

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Our agile practices ensure continuous engagement with stakeholders at all times - before, during and after each iteration. This allows us to truly understand your vision and dliver it in the quickest, most flexible way.

Value Driven Delivery

In-depth understanding, clear and frequent communication and an iterative delivery model mean we start delivery with the most valuable item so that project ROI can be maximized.

Time to Market

By using a time-boxed, fixed schedule, new features are delivered quickly and frequently, with a high level of predictability. This allows you to make plan launch and market your product better.

Modern Methods of Construction

We create prototypes without commitment, free of cost. We ensure 100% transparency before and through the tenure of the engagement.


Connecting to your Field

Where you have a process in the field and cannot find an application or software to improve it. GagaMuller Group in-house Software Development team can build your bespoke Mobile Application to improve your business efficiency and support you towards a greener future.



Your BIM to GIS Integration

As BIM to GIS becomes more popular as the industry digitalisation moves towards Geospatial workflows. GagaMuller Group in-house Software Development team can build your bespoke GIS Application to improve your business visualisations to identify carbon neutral solutions. 

3D Unity

Your Own 3D Environment

More and more of our clients whom are now conscious of achieving sustainable targets are interested in building their own bespoke 3D application to improve their business efficiency, be it for a Modular Management system or for Managing their portfolio of assets.



Your own Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors are on top of the list of technology that can promote a smarter, greener future for the built environment. With a live IoT Network already covering Dublin City, GagaMuller have the experience and know how in-house to assist you build your own sensors and applications which will unlock a carbon neutral future. 

Our products

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A state-of-the-art Project Management Software (PMS), PlanLoader gives organizations and teams the capability to Plan, Schedule, Manage and Monitor progress on their projects with surgical precision. Hooked with the right modules, it gives organizations the ability to control cost and resources with the same accuracy. It's hierarchy management ensures effective task delegation through the project lifecycle giving managers as much (or as little) control as they require.


This wearable wonder has the ability to track on-site Human Capital for health and safety reasons. The device comes to life when the bearer enters the site and records their on-site COVID health and safety violations so that in case a resource tests postive, their contacts can be warned and the spread can be proactively reduced.

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Our Process

We build your Idea for Free

As businesses in Construction continue to adapt to the Digitalisation 4.0 era we are currently experiencing, at GagaMuller we are aware it is sometimes hard to procore something that you can't see such as software. This is why we are happy to build your prototype for free so you can demonstrate its benefits to your business. 

Strategy & Gap Analysis

Feature Gathering

Planning & Grooming

Sprint Management

UAT & Handover


Our Stack

We use modern tools to build scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed software applications

Back end

Front end

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