Our Hardware

66% of the workplace will be utilising wearables and sensor solutions by 2022. At GagaMuller Group we are leading the way by developing an manufacturing this technology in-house and provide a safer, more sustainable and efficient workplace. 

Our Products

GagaMuller Bit


The GagaMuller Bit    is a first in a series of cutting edge technology packed in light wearable device. The bit can mount on users helmet or wrist with clever innovative attachment functionality for easy clip on & off functionality. 


GagaMuller Anchor


The GagaMuller Anchor    utilised newly available LORA technology to relieve dependency on sites requirements of Wifi and team members requirements of battery draining Bluetooth on mobile devices. 3 Anchors on your site will allow for seamless live data updates from the field.


GagaMuller Boost


The GagaMuller Boost    is best utilised in environments with less moving parts. Using clever mesh network and UWB this allows for super accurate internal tracking within your project. Best implemented at handover for clients such as hospitals whom want to maintain a safe working environment. This can be paired with wifi installation. 




After being called to action through emergency response as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, GagaMuller Group worked fast to inspire the development of sourcetrace as well as develop the hardware wearable technology that supports this application.

Beta tested for 7 months on a Data Centre in Europe Sourcetrace is publicly available from October 2020. Whether you work in construction, a warehouse or a hospital, Sourcetrace is the perfect wearable solution to monitor all social distancing breaches in your workplace.

Our Services



On-site Team


Typically how it works

Install 3 no. gateway anchors on site connected to power (Crane, site office, Site entrance).

Set up designated space for storing and distributing the bit device daily and charging at night.

Issue bit device to your team member, scan the QR code on their mobile app and go. 


No need for Wifi or Bluetooth, the bit device continuously updates the gateway anchors.


Bit device flashes and beeps when breach reminding users constantly to be vigilant.


User returns Bit device at the end of each day to be charged overnight (18hr battery life).


Compliant with GDPR as user is given new random device each day ensuring anonymity.


COVID Compliance officers can monitor hot spot locations, repeat offenders and company trends.


Key location tracing for COVID hot spots with geofencing limiting location information to site boundary. 


Instant messaging capabilities in app from desktop & mobile to warn or alert users.


Dynamic attachment detail so user can wear on helmet or wrist to their preference.


Upgradable system can be incorporated into building after construction handover with Boost technology. 

Our Beta Program

 By using our services team to deliver your project you automatically join our Beta Program. Its seen as a win win for all our clients to date, as all other project management or employers agents do the bare minimum paper based old school solution, we strive to digitalise, automate and transform your delivery model reaping huge ROI on the journey. Why not start by joining our Beta program by reviewing what services our Project & Cost Consultancy can work assist with your organisation and portfolio.  



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