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Improving your Construction Delivery Experience

Early engagement ensures correct scopes and workflows define a clean data flow of information for your overall project delivery platform and visuals. Maintaining presence during construction allows for successful implementation, training and management of the contractors and supply chain.

Luke O'Keeffe


Luke ensures scopes are defined correctly and deliverables are clearly identified to the project delivery team and contractors. Ensuring your contractors use the defined digital solutions and mobile apps in the field means clean data feeds your progress reports, this is why GagaMuller are so vital to be involved in your project delivery and represent you as a client to give you a fully immersive live progress feed of your project. 

BEP, MPDT Definition and Delivery

Setting the ground rules and data structures for a successful project delivery.


Employers requirement and BIM contract documentation

Detailed BIM scopes and schedule focused model and drawings deliverables

Document Tracking and Approval Planning

Automatic linking of approval status and drawing revisions to the install schedule for early warning analytics.


Drawings schedule aligned to install and BIM freeze

Technical submittal schedule aligned to BIM

BIM Model Schedule and Management

Untouchable BIM Management process ensuring your BIM team are utilised to the fullest aligning clashes and model freeze to build sequence and area


Last Planner BIM schedule linked to install on site

Coordination of BIM model and issue management

Planned VS Actual Progress Tracking

Globally renowned Planned vs Actual status reports from site to identify to client payment mechanisms and impacts on milestone and forecasts. 


Auto link on site tasks to Asta or P6 schedule

Early warning triggers and dashboard of progress

3D BIM Modelling and Fabrication Drawing

Plug & play team of Modellers on hand for any detailing requirements or gaps in supply chain capabilities. 


3D Modelling in REVIT complete with cut sheets and views

3D modelling of families for logistics and 4D

Design Management & Coordination

Full design management coordinating minutes and queries from site to client team with full forensic analytics on progress.


RFI Management with design and project team

Coordination of approval process of drawings and submittals

Change Management and Project Control

Configure and Manage entire platform for managing change across the project with live status reports and fund categorisation reporting. 


Set up platform and automated workflows to manage change

Full forensics on drawings, revisions and model complete with narrative

BIM Field Management

Global award winning BIM in the field workflows connecting data from site back to the client for live progress reporting and early warning systems. 


Heat map floor plans of issues, area sign offs and completion

QR code data capture with mobile devices for instant communication

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"Absolute breath of fresh air bundling with enthusiasm and passion. Nothing seems impossible to the team here. Really pushing boundaries and seeing their workflows and processes beeng replicated globally as standard. They always go above and beyond for us. A real one-team approach.

Wayne Field