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Untangling the web of Commissioning

Setting out the asset register and handover requirements from an early phase allows a detailed commissioning & handover plan to be developed with template checklist and document requirements. Working with the client using data analytics and forensics from site allows us to identify early missing information and control successful close out. 

Curtis Millen


Curtis knows all there is to know about QA & Commissioning having really impressed with a large hyperscale data centre client our offering. We know every movement, every signature and every issue that occurs on site in real time allowing us to track impacts on your schedule milestones early. 

Asset Register & Handover Strategy

Early engagement defining all parameters and requirements for your assets to promote an asset rich digital twin at handover. 


Build asset register and requirements

Develop handover tracker for close out

Resource Loading and Responsibilities

Fully transparent forecast & labour histogram based on all commissioning activities with automated updating from the field data on site.  


Developing resource loader for all activities

Live histogram using site data for visual dashboarding

Definition of CX Walkdown Process

Detailed best practice for all commissioning walkdowns and approval processes using latest digital tools for immediate updates.


FWT remote digital approval process

W1 / W2 walk down and tag completion process

Cx Tagging Process Management

Fully digitalised Tagging management process with full training and upskilling in order to develop real time data driven metrics on close out and early warnings. 


Management of weekly lookahead and schedule

Digital tagging equipment using QR code and mobile devices

Configuration and Management CX Plan

Configuration of activites and alignment through Unique coding to digital dashboarding and reporting for automated visual reporting. 


Defining the quality and commissioning plan in line with schedule

Digital plan of works automate to identify warnings and blockers

CX Checklist Template Development

Fully digitalised Quality & Commissioning checklists enabling fully automated and trackable reporting for successful close out. 


Develop template checklists for QA and CX on BIM 360 or similar

Schedule checklists to supply chain in live with QCX program of works

Set Up Digital CX Issue Management

Fully digitalised issue management process with full training and upskilling in order to develop real time data driven metrics on close out and early warnings. 


Digital snagging process with mobile device and QR codes on site

Live snag count and close out trend tracker per area

CX Handover and O&Ms

Enabling your handover information to be structured into a smart asset rich digital twin for your facilities management teams. 


Asset rich digital twin at handover

Close out and live dashboard of outstanding requirements

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"The sheer volume of work GagaMuller Group were able to churn through and give us a front-end dashboard we could use to plan and execute our job. Really could not have achieved what we have without them. Excellent ability to untangle the web that is Commissioning."

Francois Schreuder