As-Built Verification

It seems unequivical to idnetify the benefits that drones bring to the construction industry. They are simply faster, safer and cheaper.
How do we do it?
The production of As-Built drawings has always been a 'grey area'. The effort required to truly verify that As-Builts are accurate is immense when the process involves manual surveys and redline drawings. However, the intoduction of point cloud surveys has automated much of the effort. Laser Scanning is required to truly close the Coordination Process.

Surveying progress through the use of Laser Scanning at regular intervals is deemed to be the most accurate method to check the installation works against the Design/Fabrication information.

This information can also be used to resolve Commercial issues as the scans provide a true reflection of the construction activities on site. By utilising the information provided through Laser Scanning, As-Built drawings have become something that gets developed throughout project delivery using accurate information as opposed to last minute productions based on glorified guesswork.

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