Drone Surveys

It seems unequivical to idnetify the benefits that drones bring to the construction industry. They are simply faster, safer and cheaper.
How do we do it?
Aerial surveying using drones is the capture of data from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and combining with data from ground points to provide survey data. This offers a massive time, health and safety, and health financial benefits.

Typical Outputs of Topographical Survey:
2D Orthomosaic
Digital Surface Model / Digital Elevation Model
Digital Terrain Model
Contours generated at 0.5m
Aerial Surveying has advantages regarding the speed of delivery compared to traditional methods. It is very cost effective in comparison to traditional surveying. It is not intended to replace but compliment these survey methods.

Using the data captured by drone pilots, engineering surveys have more data points. Whether looking for boundary surveys or land surveying, drone surveying and mapping is the next step.

Inaccessible areas, such as new sites, landfills, quarries are surveyed from the air. It can be difficult or sometimes impossible to get a total station in some of these locations. People and expensive equipment are taken out of harm's way.

Land surveyors are now looking to the skies to assist with their daily tasks.

Drone Surveys

  • Fast Turn Rounds
  • Low Cost compared to alternative methods
  • Minimal Disruption: you’ll hardly notice our drones providing a birds eye view of your site
  • No Scaffolding or Cherry Pickers: aerial drone surveys enable a way easier and safer method of surveying on construction sites
  • Low Health & Safety Risk: less equipment = more safety for construction workers
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