Data Collectiona/Analysis

We now have the ability to capture vast quantities of live data, this presents the industry with great potential to evolve and progress. The key to success - the utilisation of this data, analysising it, cancelling out the noise, presenting key live facts to the decision makers to allow Management to drive efficiency and deliver a quality product.
How do we do it?
The industry has developed greatly to allow more collaborative work flows on site. The collection of Data throughout the build has evolved from paper checklists to the likes of BIM 360 Build (Field). This and other systems allow data collection, inspection, approval etc. to be conducted in the field and synchronized to the CDE, involving all relevant project stakeholders.

This is done by the use of tablets and smart phones working with digital forms and workflows allowing automatic generation of alerts, dashboards, KPIs and reports.

What sepeates us from the crowd, and is most important is the analysis of the data rather than simply collecting it. Setting up automatic dashboards for management decision making and tracking live progress presents the management team with live dat and the opportunity to make more informed decisions and to drive efficiencies.

Data Collectiona/Analysis

  • Real time Data
  • Real time visuals on performance
  • Automated updates and dashboarding
  • Automated process workflows
  • De-risk impact on overall budget & schedule
  • Presenting decision makers with live data
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