3D/2D Validation

Project information comes in a number of different formats. Ensuring that all information sources are aligned is crucial to mitigating the risk of completing abortive works. Detailed cross examinations of 3D and 2D content along with other project documentation prior to construction is the most cost effective way of safe-guarding any project.
How do we do it?
The introduction of BIM brought the addition of 3D models to the overall set of project information available on a contruction project. However, as the Construction Industry transitions into using 3D information, the standard compromise is that 3D is the means for developing the 2D information that forms the contractual documents. This leaves projects open to the risk of conflicting information being developed in 3D and 2D.

Through detailed examinations of 3D models and 2D drawings as well as any further documentation, we have the ability to highlight areas that are not aligned. This review process has the ability to identify significant issues regarding project information at a point early enough too be rectified without incurring heavy costs.

Detailed reports group the identified issues according to criticality so that impacts to the project can be determined with regard to cost, time and quality.

3D/2D Validation

  • Identification of potential detail ommission
  • Ability to catch conflicts before they happen
  • Reduction on the quantity of RFIs
  • De-risk impact on overall budget & schedule
  • Programme/ time savings
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