3D Modelling

Utilising Creative Freedom

At GagaMuller Group Geospatial we offer a range of Geospatial services and data analaysis by providing an innovative portfolio of data management, collaboration using the latest digital survey technology to meet the demands of your project life cycle.


A Geospatial team doing more with your Data 

Establishing sustainable development requires that accurate Geospatial information is available as early as possible in your projects lifecycle.

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Digital to Reality Modelling

Our in-house team of 3D modellers will take your concepts or 2D information and developed and deliver data driven 3D models

Coordinated Model Content

  • Revit Models produced in line with the construction programme

  • Coordination between different disciplines

  • Dynamo script generation

Material Quantity Take-off

  • Create and provide a comprehensive quantities from the model

  • Assist with quantities for BOQ

  • Generate Material Order Packs

COBie Data

  • Include COBie data into the Revit Model

  • Extracting COBie data from a Revit Model for analysis

CAD to Revit Conversion

  • Producing 3D Revit Models from 2D CAD drawings

  • Producing 3D Revit Models from 2D PDF's

  • 3D visualises from 2D CAD drawings

Custom Families Creation

  • Custom Parametric Family generation

  • Producing 3D Family Models from 2D CAD Drawings

  • Producing 3D Family Models from 2D PDF Files


We have the knowledge and experience to find a solution for every problem and every project.

At GagaMuller we offer tailor-made solutions combined with the latest digital survey technology. We always strive to find the best way to gather Geospatial information that offers the best value for the customer.

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